Payment & Delivery

The shipping method and costs depend on the respective organizer of the VIP arrangement. You will find the relevant information in your shopping cart.

What payment options do I have? (Is it possible to pay by invoice?)

In principle, this possibility exists, but it varies from organizer to different organizer. The payment options of the respective organizer can be found in the description of your item and in the shopping cart.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

Normally, our VIP tickets are excluded from cancellation by the respective organizer. You are welcome to contact us about a change, otherwise we will contact the organizer.

Are the tickets sent securely?

The insurance of the tickets depends on the organizer. Each event organizer works with a delivery service of their choice and has different regulations regarding the shipping of the tickets. During the ordering process, you can see the various shipping options for your tickets. As the broker of the VIP tickets, SPORTFIVE has no influence on the dispatch or insurance of the tickets.

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