OFFICIAL VIP - the digital hospitality portal and an offer from SPORTFIVE 

OFFICIAL VIP is your exclusive gateway to unforgettable hospitality experiences in the fields of sport, concerts and entertainment. As a product of SPORTFIVE, the leading company in the field of sports and entertainment marketing, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase VIP tickets for our numerous clubs and associations as well as for first-class events in the most spectacular arenas.  

Our mission 

We are rethinking hospitality and VIP offers. We want to offer our customers unique experiences that they will remember forever - from exciting sporting events to spectacular concerts and entertainment shows. To achieve this, we always focus on the most technologically innovative solutions and the most spectacular experiences in order to offer all customers an unforgettable experience in sports and entertainment. 

Our offers 

At OFFICIAL VIP we have a wide range of offers to suit all tastes and preferences. Our VIP tickets allow you to experience events up close and enjoy exclusive access to first-class services and amenities. Whether you are a passionate sports fan or prefer the best seats at the hottest concerts, OFFICIAL VIP has the right offer for you. We place a high value on customer satisfaction.

OneTeam: OFFICIAL VIP is part of the SPORTFIVE family 

We help the most attractive clubs, federations and athletes reach new heights by developing partnerships and sponsorships to maximise the value of professionals, world-class brands and leading sports and esports organisations on and off the pitch. With over 40 years' experience in commercialisation, we provide world-class sponsorship, marketing, digital, live event and media partnerships to a growing list of the world's most successful clubs, federations and athletes. Our OFFICIAL VIP customers are the main beneficiaries of this. 

Don't miss any news - or get in touch directly 

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SPORTFIVE is one of the leading global sports business agencies with over 1,200 employees worldwide. As the overall marketing partner of 17 professional football clubs in Germany and partner of over 70 European football clubs, we are the market leader in Europe. In addition to football, our portfolio includes numerous other sports such as handball, basketball and winter sports, as well as golf, American football, Formula 1 and esports. Within sport, we create emotional communication platforms for brands and unforgettable hospitality offers for fans and spectators through authentic, customised partnerships


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